You Wanted to Know

MHOAI representatives are frequently asked about specific areas of the Mobile Home Landlord and Tenant Rights Act (scroll down the page for links to each section).


Residents frequently ask about the following sections of the law (click on the number to go directly to that section of the Act):

745/14-1 Rights and Obligations Pamphlet 860.400 Required Documents



745/17 Notice Required by Law

745/7 Effect of Unsigned Lease

745/8 Renewal of Lease

745/12 Lease Prohibitions


Home Owner Associations

745/16 Improper Ground for Eviction

745/25 Meetings of Tenant


Fees, Rents, Other Provisions

745/11 Provisions of Mobile Home Park Leases

  • Entering Your Home
  • Street Maintenance

745/24 Sale of a Mobile Home

745/9 The Terms of Fees and Rents

745/18 Security Deposit; Interest

745/4a Television Antennas and Services


Residents are also encouraged to copy or print the entire act. Any mobile home-related section beginning with 765 ILCS 745 is from this act.

Residents should also know there is a book, “Illinois Mobile Home Park Act – Manufactured Home Community Code,” that a landlord receives from the State. This book includes the laws pertaining to opening and maintaining his/her community. The numbering of these laws start 210 ILCS 115, or 860. These books are public information and can be sent to you from the Illinois Department of Public Health by calling 217-782-5830.