MHOAI & Your Local Association

Mobile Home Owners Association of Illinois Directors help communities form their own local home owners association. Directors can help prepare by-laws and educate residents as they elect their own board members. We are happy to support and advise these local associations and will attend meetings as speakers. If you do not have a local association, please contact MHOAI for assistance.

There are occasions when a local board will dissolve for any number of reasons. Many times, interest in the association drops off once immediate problems have been resolved. MHOAI members know this situation may not last – without a strong local home owners association working with MHOAI, new problems and issues can surface. Together, we can protect your lifestyle, both at home in your community and state-wide with new legislation and stronger law enforcement through the Illinois Attorney General’s office.

But, progress does not happen overnight. Laws can take years to pass, but they will never pass without an informed, active membership working together. Do not believe that because you do not have a problem yet, that you will not need MHOAI What is happening in other communities frequently finds its way to your back door.

If for some reason your local home owners association dissolves, or is no longer active, you still need to be a MHOAI member. Your elected officials judge your interest in protecting your lifestyle by your membership.

When you want a director to visit your community, let us know. If you want your board members to have a meeting let them know. Our directors look forward to meeting with you and your neighbors to bring you up to date on issues, and answer any questions you may have.