About Us

MHOAI is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, state-wide organization of volunteers, who are manufactured homeowners that reside in manufactured home communities located in Illinois. Our volunteers and board members live in manufactured communities and know firsthand the issues that come when your home and built-up assets sits on another person’s land. Our organization is geared towards representing Illinois manufactured homeowners when issues arise that impact whole communities. Issues come in many forms that can arise via a landlord, local or state government.

As homeowners, we understand the on-going and important need to educate those outside our housing market that we are homeowners. Homeowners and families, who are real people with real lives. We are not trailer folks who live in a park and can just hook up our homes to a car and move at any time.

MHOAI volunteers work toward efforts that keep our communities from becoming the forgotten neighbors. We work towards goals that include educating decision makers outside our housing market of issues that need to be addressed, issues that should include the words, fair and balanced. Affordable homeownership in Illinois does not mean that the homeowners/families do not deserve the respect and protection that other housing markets have.  We need not sit back and allow families to become captive to another person’s whim that owns the land our homes sit on.

Objectives of our organization include:

  • To protect the rights, privileges, and interest of the home owners in our communities.
  • To promote the well-being, health, safety, and general welfare of residents.
  • To educate and advise manufactured home owners of their rights.
  • To serve as a channel and source of information for manufactured homeowners.
  • Work toward legislative enhancements that protect manufactured homeowners.


Fair Housing, Affordable Housing Advocacy, Community Education and Organization, Community Foreclosures

Housing Action Illinois is a statewide coalition formed to protect and expand the availability of quality, affordable housing throughout Illinois.

MHOAI can help organize a meeting with you and your neighbors, help communities form a homeowner’s association, and we offer free workshops which include, How a Bill Becomes Law. We can help you address back-door issues. Our newsletter is the only state-wide publication written by homeowners for homeowners, news and updates that is geared towards your backdoor and neighborhood. You will learn you are not alone with your issues and concerns. You can join in with many other homeowners towards shared goals and allowing a united voice that will be heard and recognized. If you have any questions please contact one of our volunteers to learn more about our goals and efforts.

To join, please print the Membership Form form and mail it to the address at the bottom of form with your payment.