Manufactured Home Owners Day In Springfield

Why attend Manufactured Home Owners Day In Springfield?

  • To let elected officials see our faces and hear from you, the very people their decision making affects.
  • To let elected officials know we are organized, involved, and watch how their votes in Springfield reflect the needs of manufactured homeowners in their districts.
  • To remind elected officials that how they vote on at the state capitol reflects how we vote at home.

Our numbers will speak volumes towards achieving homeownerís shared goals and our demand to be counted.


What You Need to Know

  • MHOAI representatives will be at the capitol near the information station on the first floor in the rotunda.  We will have name tags along with material that you can present and leave with the legislators and/or staff.  We will answer any questions and direct those who are attending for the first time.
    We will be at the capitol the whole day starting 9:00 am.  Remember to wear comfortable shoes. You can come for the full day or a portion of the day, we will be counted.
  • You will go through security like that at an airport.  Gentlemen, if you are traveling with someone that has a purse, we advise that you allow them to carry change, cell phone, or other metal you have in your pockets. It will allow us to move faster through the security. Once at the capitol you need to break into small groups and visit as many offices of our legislators as possible. Each small group should appoint someone to introduce the group. You need to know ahead of time what you want to say.
  • If this is your first time we will introduce you to other homeowners who have attended in the past that can help you. If you and your neighbors would like to have a conference call in advance, contact Terry Nelson 847-296-5762.
  • We will provide material for you to pass out if you do not come with a group which already has material. For material to pass out ahead of time, contact Terry Nelson.
  • From the galleries on the fourth floor you can watch legislators as they vote on bills. It is during this time that our group will be recognized on the House and Senate floors.  When our group is recognized we all need to stand up. We need to fill the galleries.
  • The buildings are fully handicapped accessible and has a cafeteria.
  • Enjoy your day, if you have not been to the capitol building you will find that the state has kept it as a beautiful historic building. The capitol building was completed in 1888 and has undergone major restoration projects over the years.

If you live in the Monee area of the state, Janet Swiatkowski is arranging a bus. You can contact Janet at 708-534-3947 to reserve a seat. If you need help with a press release for you local newspaper, contact one of our board directors. Feel free to contact our MHOAI board directors with any questions you or your homeownerís association may have.

Our organization recognizes the issues that come with our older aged group. If you have issues that will limit your walking let us know. You can go to the galleries early or help with greeting homeowners when they arrive.

MHOAI would like to thank everyone in advance for taking the time to travel to the state capitol on this very important day. We also want to thank the many who are volunteering their time to organize groups in their area of the state allowing for another successful homeowners day.