16th Annual MHOAI Day


April 20th celebrating our 16th MHO Day and

  • Media headlines: Urbana Uproar – Attorney General Investigates RV Horizons – Unfair fines Out of Control.
  • HB 1056 Signed into law on July 22, this new law will require dealers and community landlords who sell more than 5 new or pre-owned homes to apply for a license via the Secretary of State.
  • HB 6285 Signed into law on August 5, addresses issue regarding fines given by the landlord. If a fine is imposed the following applies for 45 days after a written notice is given:
  1. Non-payment of a fine shall not be grounds for refusal of a rent payment.
  2. The fine shall not be deducted from a rent payment.
  • A Colorado based development company, RV Horizons, purchased about 12 communities in the Champaign, Urbana, Danville areas, bringing their total of Illinois communities to approximately 36 state-wide. Once RV Horizons had full ownership, the families of these communities started to receive notices that brought increased monthly costs, along with multiple LEASE issues, that did not comply with¬† Illinois law. Complaint forms from homeowners residing in RV Horizons community were forwarded to the Attorney General’s office and an on-going investigation is moving forward.
  • A Leadership meeting bringing together homeowners from about 10 different communities met in Monee.
  • MHOAI volunteers bring successful fundraiser events via a Golf Outing and 2 day Garage Sale.