15th Annual MHOAI Day


April 22nd 15th MHO Day. Homeowners proudly stood in the galleries when our group was announced from the Senate floor.

  • Media Headlines: Residents Upset Over Infrastructure Judge says “No to YES! “.
  • This year a higher than average volume of homeowners state-wide contacted enforcement agencies that oversee the infrastructure of the community regarding landlord responsibility for streets, trees, sewer and common areas. Many complaints are due to large development companies purchasing Illinois Communities and
  • ignoring current law.
  • An Illinois manufacturer home buyer takes the Denver, Colorado based company “YES! Communities” to small claims court to get back the $10,000 for the down payment on a home. The Judge ruled in favor of the buyer and was ordered to pay the buyer’s attorney fees.
  • HB 1285 This new law had AARP of Illinois, MHOAI and other allied partners contacting elected officials for several years. In short: If you are collecting social security and are laid off from your job, you can now collect full unemployment benefits and social security shall not be considered disqualifying income.
  • SB 1702 makes it to the Governor’s Desk. Governor Rauner vetoed the bill sending it back to the Senate. This would put in place a program requiring applications for dealer licenses when 5 or more manufactured homes are sold by a dealer or community landlord via the Secretary of State.
  • On March 28th MHOAI organized a Leadership meeting that had representatives from 10 different communities.
  • MHOAI website gets a face lift.